Frequently Asked Questions


Has Aboli Foundation been registered?

Aboli Foundation is currently in the process of being registered. Regardless of registration, we are still keen on making a difference to government-run schools in Maharashtra.



Where is the organization based?

We have volunteers working from Thane, India and Bangkok, Thailand. As of now, we do not have official headquarters.



What are your biggest challenges as an organization?

Financial: Aboli Foundation is only made possible by generous donations. In order for us to carry out our campaigns, any financial support is appreciated.  

Volunteers: We work mainly from Bangkok and so, it is difficult to carry out operations in India. We rely on volunteers in India to oversee projects. There is often a lack of volunteers causing some projects to be delayed.



How can I get involved?

As stated above, any financial support is appreciated. If you would like to donate or support one of our projects, please contact us via the Contact Page. Since Aboli Foundation is still in the process of registration, we are not allowed to open a bank account in the NGO’s name. Further communication will be required to work out how donations can be transferred.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of our projects, please keep in mind that Aboli Foundation does not cover travel or visa expenses. Please contact us for more information on volunteer work.


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