OUr Vision

Aboli Foundation is a local organization working to improve our community through lower-scaled initiatives. We are currently based in the Maharashtra state, and have carried out two campaigns at the Temki Paada school.

Our campaigns at Temki Paada have involved interacting with the children, teaching them yoga and the English language, playing community-building and skill-based games with them, and hosting guest speakers to teach them about different issues.

Besides this, we have also made it a priority to better equip the school to teach the children. We have done this by donating resources like books, posters and hygiene products. We are also currently building a new wash basin for children to wash their hands with more ease. Lastly, we have also invested in repainting the school and adding storage shelves where students can keep their bags and books.

Aboli Foundation aims to improve the level of education and well-being of students in government- run primary schools in Maharashtra by;

  • improving access to quality resources for students and teachers
  • implementing healthcare services within the school district
  • improving the health education within the district schools
  • making sure that the school has maintained the integrity of the buildings
  • hosting entertainment and enrichment programs at the schools