Nehru Planetarium Field Trip: October '18

At least once in our lives, we have all looked up at the sky and wondered about the universe.

With this thought, Aboli Foundation sponsored a field trip to the Nehru Planetarium and Taraporewala Aquarium for third and fourth graders on October 20. 2018. The students were from three ZP (government-run) schools called Temki Paada, Tal Paada and Dasgao in Mahim.

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Saloni More
Temki Paada: December ’16

Barriers only exist if we let them. This is the first thing I learned during our primary two-week volunteering experience this month at Temki Paada, a government-funded village school in Maharashtra, India. Spending a few days teaching English, yoga, and playing board games with school children were part of our first project as a non-governmental organization.

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Saniya More