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project Arogya


"Arogya" is Sanskrit for overall well-being and health of the body, mind and soul. Project Arogya, started in 2017, aims to provide government schools with resources to ensure students lead healthy lives, both inside and outside the classroom. 


We believe that education about personal health takes equal precedence as regular school studies. That's why as part of our annual health and well-being campaign, we donate towels, handkerchiefs and undergarments to students in government schools and show the students how to take care of their bodies.

The idea for this campaign arose after our first visit to a government school called Temki Paada in December 2016. The students were asked regularly by their teachers if they had taken a bath or brushed their teeth. Many times, the answer to both those questions were "no." We realised that hygiene items which we took for granted were not readily accessible to the children.

Due to generous donations from our supporters, in June 2018 we were able to raise enough funds to purchase undergarments for a hundred students from three government schools in the Palghar district--Dasgao, Tal Paada and Temki Paada.

Health camp.jpg

December 2017   Co-founder Saloni More with students at Temki Paada during Aboli Foundation's first medical camp. 


December 2016   Co-founder Saloni More and board member Shubhada More use an animation to teach students at Temki Paada about dental hygiene. 



Students in government-run schools in Maharashtra do receive a check-up every few months or so. However, due to the sheer number of students, it is not always possible to do a thorough check-up. Thus, Aboli Foundation aims to supplement the government's efforts in providing health services. 

December 2017 marked the first annual health camp which was held in Temki Paada, Mahim. With the help of two paediatricians and one dentist, we were able to give more than one hundred students in three schools a check-up.



Support this campaign

After carrying out our medical camp, we saw that a common problem among students was malnutrition. We are currently raising funds to purchase nutritional supplements which can be added to the students' lunch meals (which are provided by the government). Aboli Foundation is currently looking for sponsors to donate weekly or monthly supplies. We have broken down donation amounts for the three schools we support. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at


(22 students)

  • 1 week: $40

  • 1 month: $130

  • 3 months: $390

  • 6 months: $780

  • 12 months: $1560


(27 students)

  • 1 week: $55

  • 1 month: $200

  • 3 months: $600

  • 6 months: $1200

  • 12 months: $2400


(61 students)

  • 1 week: $100

  • 1 month: $350

  • 3 months: $1050

  • 6 months: $2100

  • 12 months: $4200