Health Camp and Dental Checkup December '18

On December 23, Aboli Foundation organised a health camp where eighty-five students from three ZP schools were given a checkup. Two paediatricians from Thane, Dr. Vivek Bhortakke from Millenium Children’s Clinic, Thane and Dr. Prashant Darandale from Newborn and Child Healthcare Centre, Thane, and a dentist Dr. Aakanksha Vartak from AstraWhite Clinic in Boisar, volunteered for the camp. We also received support from the following volunteers:

  • Samiksha Bhortakke, Thane

  • Aabha Patil, a fifth grade student and active volunteer

  • Manish Patil, Thane

  • Rajvi Patil, Thane

  • Poonam Churi, Mahim, Palghar

Malnutrition was the most common issue

Although some had low fevers, the most common issue amongst the children was malnutrition. Most of the students come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Their parents work as farmers and labourers. Due to this, there is often a lack of money to have sufficient access to basic needs such as food and water.

Aboli Foundation is planning a nutrition project. The ZP schools are generally close to where students live. Our plan is to supply one household with the necessary ingredients to cook a healthy and nutritious breakfast for all the students every morning. To see if this initiative is feasible, we will be running a trial in Temki Paada in August of this year.

Dental health

Oral hygiene was another major issue. Below is a breakdown of the oral health of the eighty-five students checked.

Infographic created by Chanitsaya (Monet) Chanthawarang

Infographic created by Chanitsaya (Monet) Chanthawarang

Of the eighty-five students, eleven with the most severe cases were selected by Dr. Aakanksha Vartak to undergo further treatment at her clinic, Astra White Dental Clinic in Boisar. Of the eleven shortlisted, six students came for treatment. All travel and discounted treatment costs were covered by Aboli Foundation with the support of generous sponsors.

Eye checkups for severe cases

Two students were recommended to have further eye checkups. Dr. Prashant Darandale recommended the cases to an eye hospital in Thane. We hope to give the two students the treatment they need by the end of January 2019.

Deworming Campaign

Dr.s Vivek Bhortakke and Prashant Darandale suggested organising a deworming campaign for the students. This would involve distributing deworming tablets to the students. In August of this year, we hope to carry out this campaign.

Preventive Dental Care

Dr. Aakanksha Vartak suggested starting a preventive dental care program for first-grade students across the schools. That way, further damage to oral hygiene can be avoided. Aboli Foundation plans to undertake this campaign starting next academic year, in June 2019.

Donations of any kind are appreciated. Every penny helps us make a difference in these students’ lives. Be a part of the change.