A Recipe for Success? (Malnutrition Campaign Update)

The health camp of December ‘18 revealed that the primary health concern at the ZP schools was malnutrition. Due to this, we decided to provide students at Temki Paada with a healthy breakfast every morning and see whether this affects their health positively. This was the plan as of May 2019.

We have decided to make a few changes to the original plan.

Two days back, we made a small sample of khir (made of oats, ragi flour and jaggery mixed with milk) to give to the students. We wanted to see whether they liked the taste. If they didn’t, we would have to replace it with another recipe.

The teachers reported that half the students liked the khir while the other half didn’t. Furthermore, preparing this mixture for breakfast is problematic because the government provides the schools with lunch at around twelve. The schools start at about ten-thirty in the morning.

Our plan, therefore, is to supply the school with the mixture (of oats, ragi flour and jaggery) and milk from a local dairy at four in the afternoon. Those students who don’t like the mixture will only be given a glass of milk. This initiative will officially start on August 16.

Saloni More