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Aboli Foundation is a grassroots organization that currently solely runs on funding from generous donors.

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Are you a natural leader? Do you enjoy working with children? Do you have a special skill you want to pass on to the next generation? Volunteer for Aboli Foundation and help organize the next medical camp, distribute supplies, teach the children, and start your own initiatives.

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Project Arogya


We believe that education about personal health takes equal precedence as regular school studies. That's why as part of our annual health and well-being campaign, we donate towels, handkerchiefs and undergarments to students in government schools and show the students how to take care of their bodies.

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Project Vistaar


By providing exposure to the students earlier on in their lives, we hope to expand their worldview. Through this project, we aim to take students in the third and fourth grades (in government-run schools) on day trips to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Nehru Planetarium respectively. 

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