Exposure campaign

project Vistaar


"Vistaar" is Sanskrit for expansion or depth. Project Vistaar, started in 2018, aims to provide students in government schools with the chance to interact with the world beyond their classroom.

By providing exposure to the students earlier on in their lives, we hope to expand their worldview. 

Through this project, we aim to take students in the third and fourth grades (in government-run schools) on day trips to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Nehru Planetarium respectively. 

There are several incentives behind this project.

First, we want to expose the students to an environment outside of their homes. Rather than staying enclosed in their bubble, we wish to educate them about the wonders of the world which aren't easily accessible to them.

Second, we wish to convey to the students that they are not necessarily bound to the same lives their parents led. We want to show them that there are a lot of opportunities which can be reached through hard work and passion.

Third, it is common for students to drop out of school (without completing Grades 1-4). The reason for this being that the students' education takes a backseat and they are made to work at home even though all education costs are covered. We hope that these field trips provide something that students can look forward to and persuade them to stay in school until the end of fourth grade.

In order for Project Vistaar to take off, we need your help. We seek funding to organize transportation, meals and tickets. Furthermore, we are looking for volunteers to chaperone the field trips. Get in touch with us to become a volunteer today.